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Vittorio Stoppa

Born in Genoa (Italy) VITTORIO STOPPA has developed a double career until 1977, successful both as an 'industrial designer' and 'interior decorator' in Italy, France and Spain.

The Mediterranean light and architecture influenced him to such a point as to completely change his life style: in 1978 he started painting and photography with the same fervor that he had applied to his previous jobs.

Since 1978 he has lived between Brussels and San Remo (Italy), where his photographs and paintings have become the  object of several exibitions and two major photography books: "Astrattismo e romanticismo delle serre" and "Brussels in color", a real classic about the capital of Europe.

 At present Vittorio Stoppa has his atelier in Genoa and Arenzano (Italy). Reknowned publishers such as 'Artunlimited' (Amsterdam), 'Bancrest Worldwide' (London), 'Il Grifo' (Milano) and lately IKEA (the international Swedish firm of contemporary furniture) have included VITTORIO STOPPA'S works in the catalogues, thus making his art for the first time available to people all over the world.