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Anna Maria Candeli


Anna was born in Vercelli March 26, 1963 . Refine the creative stimulus first and then at the Art School of Vercelli , specializing in Graphic Design in Milan. In 2002 she obtained the certification of the Technical Sector Video Digital Communication . It carries out various
collaborations in the field of advertising , both in research projects and multimedia development .
The work of graphic designers is that of the artist in integrates with the continuous research and testing of different techniques is digitally
performed using the computer programs and photo processing

Anna Maria has exhibited :
Havana (Cuba) IV and V Salón Internacional de Arte Digital y Interview " where he intervened in the workshop" Digital Art: new pathways , new challenges , new way of producing art " as rapporteur . Bergamo ( Italy) " Artists from all over the world." Venado Tuerto
(Argentina) International Art Exhibition . Turin (Italy ) Space Maglio .
Cortona ( Italy) "One ImagePortrait " Fortress of Girifalco .
Gambalo (Italy) "The Wave " Castello di Litta .
Genoa (Italy) "The Wave ArteinCampo .
Vercelli ( Italy) " Imaging : Color and Motion " Civic Theatre .
Terna Prize International Competition .
Bergamo ( Italy) Research Gallery .
Genoa (Italy) Palazzo Ducale.

President and Co- founder of Wave
Italian Association of Digital Art .

Founding member of the Association ArteinCampo