In recent years, contemporary technology has offered increasingly elaborate tools and materials for image reproduction and thanks to digital media, the possibilities of fruition have become infinite.

It is with this in mind that Artevivashop has formulated a service aimed above all at the Hotelier sector, specializing in sales and art-rental services, namely the rental of works of art.

We deal with selecting emerging international artists to propose limited edition and certified works and multiples of author. From Italy to the USA, hotels are turning into original Art Galleries, embellishing bedrooms, suites, common areas, and reception areas.This is the new international trend that also applies to restaurants and meeting places.

A way to stand out, offering the opportunity to its guests to immerse themselves in a unique and culturally stimulating atmosphere enhancing the culture of the territory, not to mention that often the works produced by artists portray the tourist locations that you are visiting and then apply to " remember "perfect holiday. Nowadays online visibility is essential, hotels that adopt a distinctive marketing strategy and a strong merchandising campaign are the protagonists, obtaining more bookings than those of hotels that offer online without particular characteristics to attract customers.

Artevivashop's offer is structured on several levels, to allow even the small hotel to exhibit a collection of works to transform its spaces into an art gallery.

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